Plasma/Serum ELISA

Our Progesterone ELISA for use with plasma or serum makes use of the same chemistry as our Milk ELISA Mark 1. This assay can be used with any species and its uses range from timing of breeding/insemination, pregnancy, diagnosis of reproductive disease.

Features of the Plasma/Serum ELISA

  • Progesterone range of approx. 0-20ng/ml
  • Low cross reactivity with other steroids and hormones so no false results.
  • High throughput format with results in 3.5hrs or less.
  • 3 hr incubation recommended.
  • Chromogenic substrate not light sensitive.
  • 96 wells allowing large volumes of sample testing.
  • Frozen plasma and serum standards available for some species for direct sample comparison.
  • Long established assay, cited in many research papers.
  • Top of the range monoclonal antibody with high affinity for progesterone.
  • No dilution of samples, can apply straight onto assay.
  • 10ul sample size
  • Can be used to test samples from cows, pigs, sheep, dogs, camels, horses, goats.
  • Can be read at 405nm, 550 or 570nm with differing substrates (available at request). Best results found at 550nm.

Plasma/Serum ELISA Price list:

550/570nm Plasma/Serum ELISA£100
405nm Plasma/Serum ELISA £105
Species specific plasma or serum standards£50

Discounts may be considered for large orders.

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