Milk ELISA 2.0

We have recently re-developed and validated a new version of our MILK ELISA VERSION 2 for use with milk, to provide a highly accurate and sensitive assay. The assay focuses on progesterone levels we believe are of most biological importance (0-10ng/ml).  Although the dynamic range is reduced compared with our Version 1 ELISA, the assay sensitivity and accuracy is greater for assessing lower levels of progesterone. We have focused on progesterone levels decreasing and increasing around oestrus and therefore developed our ELISA around this.

This ELISA can be used for close monitoring/testing of progesterone levels to confirm or deny that the animal in question is in oestrous. Additionally, the assay can be used with any milk producing species, bearing in mind they may have different progesterone profiles. We only provide bovine milk standards but can provide advice on how to make standards for other species or provide buffer standards.

Features of the Milk ELISA Mark 2

  • Good sensitivity, with LOB at 0.428ng/ml and LOD at 0.621ng/ml. Both values are below the widely accepted threshold for a cow being “in heat” (1.5ng/ml).
  • Full Validation study data upon request, detailing LOB, LOD, LLOQ, ULOQ.
  • Low cross reactivity with other steroids and hormones so no false results.
  • High throughput format with results in 2.5hrs or less.
  • 2 hrs incubation recommended.
  • Chromogenic substrate not light sensitive.
  • 96 wells allowing large volumes of sample testing.
  • Freshly prepared milk standards available with 3 month shelf life for direct sample comparison.
  • Long established assay, cited in many research papers.
  • Top of the range monoclonal antibody with high affinity for progesterone.
  • No dilution of samples, can apply straight onto assay.
  • For large quantities needed, bespoke batches can be produced.
  • Highly accurate measurements between 0.621ng/ml-10.1ng.
  • 25ul sample size.
  • Can be read at 405nm, 550 or 570nm with differing substrates (available at request). Best results found at 550nm.
  • Use for both natural and synthetic progesterone

Milk ELISA 2.0 Price list:

550/570nm Milk ELISA£100
405nm Milk ELISA£105
Bovine milk standards£40

Discounts may be considered for large orders.

To order Milk ELISA 2.0 please contact us on +44 1594 563809, email us at or use our contact form here: