Milk ELISA 1.0

Ridgeway Science have been manufacturing Progesterone ELISA plates for over 30 years. Our current MILK ELISA VERSION 1 has been on the market for 10+ years and has been used by countless research institutes, vets and other customers. This ELISA focuses on progesterone levels typically seen in cycling cows, with a 0-50ng/ml.

Features of the MILK ELISA 1.0

  • Progesterone range of approx. 0-50ng/ml
  • Low cross reactivity with other steroids and hormones so no false results.
  • High throughput format with results in 1.5hrs or less.
  • 1 hr incubation recommended.
  • Chromogenic substrate not light sensitive.
  • 96 wells allowing large volumes of sample testing.
  • Freshly prepared milk standards available with 3 month shelf life for direct sample comparison.
  • Long established assay, cited in many research papers.
  • Top of the range monoclonal antibody with high affinity for progesterone.
  • No dilution of samples, can apply straight onto assay.
  • 10ul sample size
  • Use for both natural and synthetic progesterone
  • Can be read at 405nm, 550 or 570nm with differing substrates (available at request). Best results found at 550nm.

Milk ELISA 1.0 Price list:

550/570nm Milk ELISA£100
405nm Milk ELISA£105
Bovine milk standards£40

Discounts may be considered for large orders.

To order Milk ELISA 1.0 please contact us on +44 1594 563809, email us at or use our contact form here: