What is Heataid?

Heataid is a bovine progesterone ELISA test kit designed specifically by Ridgeway Science for use on the farm by farmers and vets.It determines the level of progesterone in a sample of milk. Heataid can help you:

  • Check for a return to normal cycling after calving
  • Assess the correct timing for artificial insemination
  • Provide an early warning of failure to conceive

Why a milk test?

A healthy cow has a 21-day cycle involving six different hormones. One of these hormones is progesterone. Your cow’s progesterone levels show in its milk.So testing the milk will tell you if your cow is cycling and when she’s ready for AI.

The main external sign that a cow is cycling is standing heat. However, it’s only visible for short periods throughout the day so can be easy to miss. And some cows stand to be mounted when they’re not in heat so it’s not always reliable.

Another sign of oestrus is bulling. But false bulling is common so again, this is not reliable. And there are cows that go through their entire cycle and display no outward signs of oestrus at all, even though they are perfectly healthy and fertile.

Which is why tracking progesterone is the most reliable way for you to confirm heat. And so improve the fertility and productivity of your herd. Heataid progesterone tests can deliver 98% heat detection in cows including silent heats.

How Heat aid works

Each test includes a 96 well ELISA microplate coated with an antibody with a high specificity for progesterone, a test tube of reference standard, 2 bottles; A (enzyme conjugate) and B (substrate) and a bag of pipettes. By following the test instructions, a reaction is created that produces a colour change:

A strong colour = Low progesterone = in heat, not pregnant
A weak colour = High progesterone = mid cycle or pregnant

How to use Heataid

Follow the simple steps below:

heataid test kit instructions


Your Heat Aid kit comes with a 5ng/ml Buffer standard, labelled reference standard. This gives a reference for the mid-point for colour development. If the colour of your results is stronger than the reference standard, then this means the sample has low progesterone. If the colour of your results is lighter than the reference standard, then this means the sample has high progesterone. This gives a qualitative result.

Contact us on 01594 530809 or enquiries@ridgewayscience.co.uk to order your Heataid


P4 Rapid

In our quest to make progesterone testing easier we recently launched P4 Rapid. This revolutionary test is the first cow-side milk progesterone test specifically available to farmers and vets. A lateral flow based assay for milk progesterone tests, it is quick, simple and easy to use. And, only takes 5 minutes! Find out more about P4 Rapid.