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New distributor – Biokom Trendafilov Ltd

We are pleased to announce Biokom Trendafilov Ltd have become our distributor for P4 Rapid in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. For enquiries within these territories please contact Yordan Trendafilov Address: 38 A Stefan Karadja Street, “Biokom Trendafilov” ltd., Sliven, 8800, Bulgaria. Tel: +359 44 624777 Email:    

Geno Global to be a new distributor

We are pleased to announce on Tuesday 4th September, at the dairy event, Geno Global became our distributor for P4 Rapid in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. For enquiries within these territories please contact Tor-Arne Sletmoen, Norway Office. Mobile: +47 992 72 865. Fax: +47 62 52 06 01. Email: