Ridgeway Science is part of Ridgeway Research. We are known the world over as experts in progesterone analysis products and services. And our progesterone testing kits are recognised globally as the gold standard by which other products are measured.

We work closely with the veterinary, agriculture and research sectors, leading the way in developing exciting new products and services as part of our commitment to farming, animal health and scientific excellence.

Ridgeway Science was founded to fulfill that commitment. Our ambition for the company to make the ELISA Assay test commercially available, taking it out of the laboratory and onto the farm. With our development of Heat Aid and P4 Rapid, alongside our animal progesterone ELISA test kits we are delighted to have accomplished this, helping farmers and vets around the world achieve optimum herd fertility.

Ridgeway Science has a Good Clinical Practice (GCPv) compliant laboratory enabling us to provide world class progesterone analysis services. Ridgeway Research is a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accredited and Good Clinical Practice (GCPv) compliant Contract Research Organisation.

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